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The Fraser Valley Hunt club supports a beautiful pack of  English Fox Hounds.          The hunt meets run each Saturday from September through  April (weather permitting). Our Hunt territory includes the  Fraser Valley, Interior, Southern Washington and the  Coast.  If  you are interested in sponsoring these good natured and very active hounds , contact us for available opportunities.                                                           

We would like to acknowledge and thank Kirsty Wilson from   KJW Photography for her generous support and beautiful  photos. Kirsty spends most Saturdays with the hunt, taking  pictures, helping with the all important Stirrup Cup , driving    people around to watch the hunt and generally helping out.  
But more importantly are the incredible images she captures  of horses, hounds and riders enjoying this spectacular sport.   These pictures allow us to revisit and enjoy the hunt all over  again.                                                                                                 
Please visit Kirsty's site to view and purchase these wonderful photos.



If you are interested in supporting the hunt or advertising opportunities please contact us via email below.                                                                              

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