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Fraser Valley Hounds Society
Est 1968

The Fraser Valley Hounds society keeps alive the age-old tradition of riding to hounds. 


FVH is a ‘drag hunt’ pack;  the hounds  follow a scent laid from horseback; no foxes are hunted. Yet the horsemanship, hound handling, camaraderie and excitement of the sport are wonderfully preserved. Thanks to our generous land owners for their continued support we are blessed to be riding on some of the most beautiful land in BC and Washington State.


EVENTS - All Guests Welcome

  • Isl 22 Children's Christmas Meet
    Sun, Dec 18
    Isl 22 Equestrian Park
    For the young and young at Heart! This is not a hunt, but a fun way to experience riding in a group with the hounds up front and a surprise guest!

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Fraser Valley Hunt Society 


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